With the changes in the weather, your decks also need a transition. Not all the decor suits all kinds of weather and not all kinds of furniture can withstand all the weathers. Thus, there is always a need of making some transitions in your deck’s decor and elements. Although, you can add or replace the decor of the decking but replacing your deck according to the seasons can be very costly. So, you can choose durable decks from trusted dealers like Dino decking which can resist all kinds of weather.

You can customize your deck according to your needs and preferences like what you would like to have beside you in rainfall or in winter, etc. However, here are a few tips to transition your decks according to two major weather:

Transitions for summers –

When the summer arrives, you need to change the décor according to the high temperature and rain. The summer not only brings the summer solstice with it but also rain and storm in a few regions. Thus, here are a few transitions that you can make according to this season.

  • If you don’t have weather-resistant furniture then it is better to start with it. Replace your old furniture with a new set which must have the quality of resisting the harsh sunlight as well as rainfall. The wooden furniture can easily get rot in these weather conditions so make sure to get good quality furniture with varnish on it.
  • You can also create a shed with good quality awning which will protect you from sunlight as well as rain. If you have big trees over your decking then awning can be helpful as the leaves from the fall season won’t cover your decks
  • You can also place an old rug on the deck in the sitting area as it will give a comfortable feel to your feet and make it look like your cozy outdoor place.

Transitions for winters –

In colder seasons, everyone loves to watch snowfall with a cup of hot chocolate. But, cold winds can chill you which restrict you to watch the snowfall from the interiors. However, there are a few ways by which you can adore the view without catching a cold.

  • First, you should start by building a roof on your decking or a part of the deck where you would like to sit. The roof will not only protect you from snow but also circulate the heat from the heater that you would be having besides you. If it is a hefty task for you to build a roof then you can also use a pergola covered with a wrap which will equally shelter you and maintain a higher temperature than outside.
  • Next, you can add a patio heater to maintain a warm atmosphere under the decking shelter. A patio heater is the best option because it will provide enough heat and also it will complement the rustic look of your deck. You can also use a hot tub by which you will not only get warmth but also can enjoy your leisure time.