Foreign tourist destinations are admired by most of the travelers as they offer them a chance in knowing the tradition and culture of the place. If you are planning to visit Prague and want to learn more about the city then it is advised to log on to Citytripinfo. One will be able to learn about the important destinations to visit in and around the city and can also get information about the best hotels where they should stay during their visit.

Why should you visit Prague?

Prague is a beautiful city which is blessed with natural beauty and manmade castles and churches. One can visit the city throughout the year; if you want to take your family on a Christmas vacation then Prague is considered as one of the best options. You can visit Prague castle as well as Prazsky hrad which hold historical importance and they also have a great architectural design.

One can also travel to the city of Prague via. river route which would help you to visit several tourist attractions viz. National Theater, Charles Bridge as well as Vysehrad district. It is better to visit several tourist attractions either on foot or via river as most of the historical places are free of transportation to preserve their natural beauty.

The old city

If you love city life and pub culture then old Prague also has a wide range of shops, bars, and squares which are active throughout the day. Here you will be able to spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones. From the shops of squares, you can also purchase great souvenirs which will make your visit memorable. In the bars, one will also be able to sip great, ethnically made beers which will give you an exotic taste.


Clementinum is considered as one of the most important historical buildings in Prague. If you love to read then it is advised to visit Clementinum as it has a huge collection of books. The library here contains a copy of every other book that was published in Prague. The library hall also has great artwork at the ceiling which attracts many tourists. Another attraction of the building is the astronomical tower from where you will be able to see a spectacular view of the city.

The National Gallery

If you are a lover of art then this is the right place for you. The National Gallery contains great specimens of traditional and modern art forms which were painted by some of the renowned artists. The gallery also contains art from various regions of the world which will also help you to notice different styles which are being used by artists to create a masterpiece.

Prague Zoo

The zoo contains some of the endangered species including Przewalski’s horse and has more than 400 animals. The zoo has an area of about 143 acres thus your children will definitely enjoy the visit. The zoo is also famous for its tropical forest which is inside the premises; here you will be able to witness more than 700 species of animals including exotic salamanders.