The world of air conditioners has gone a tremendous innovation in the past few years, thanks to the growing technology and super intelligent engineers. A wide range of air conditioners is available nowadays which are more powerful than the traditional air conditioners. Latest air conditioners not only serve the purpose of cooling the room or the building but they provide many more benefits.  Mary From RighttoRiseSuperPac Said some of the smart features that you should look in the air conditioner before buying are smart control, multi-jet technology, auto clean functionality, and dehumidification mode.

Smart control features

AC technology has turned smarter which has led to the innovation of several smart air conditioners.   Unlike the traditional air conditioners which were controlled through the remote control or the button panel on the AC’s indoor unit, the modern air conditioners can be controlled in a smarter way. You can use your smartphone, smartwatch or laptop to control the functioning of the AC of your room. You can turn on or off the AC, adjust its temperature and turn on/off the other automatic functions. It gives you the ease of using the air conditioner.

Multi jet technology   

Use of multi jet technology in the air conditioners is one of the main contributing factors which are helpful in making the air conditioners work efficiently. Depending upon the size of the air conditioner, different capacity of power motors are used in the air conditioner to provide better cooling effect with more efficiency by improving the heat exchange functionality. To enhance the functionality of the multi-jet technology in the ACs, heat exchangers are coated with chromium and zirconium.

Auto clean functionality

In the latest air conditioners, full HD filters are used. This type of filter is highly powerful in design to decimate the small microscopic particles. This helps in maintaining the clean air inside the room and prevents the people to inhale the polluted air. HD filters are mainly coated with the anti-bacterial solution. Such type of filter kills the bacteria that reside inside the room and hence it is helpful in eliminating the airborne diseases and promotes better health.  AC with the auto clean functionality has a specialized fan which works when the AC is turned off and it is in the auto clean mode. This fan blows away the dust from the filter to keep the filter clean.

Dehumidification mode   

Presence of humidity in your room can give rise to airborne diseases. In addition to this, it also causes discomfort to the people suffering from respiratory problems. Thus, to reduce the content of humidity from the air, dehumidifiers are used. Now, instead of having a separate dehumidifier, AC with the dehumidification mode can be installed. Dehumidification mode works similar to the dehumidifier to reduce the humidity of the indoors. This mode can be activated through Smart control also to add more comfort to the living. When you turn on this mode, the refrigerant cycle expedites rapidly so that humidity can be extracted from the air.