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Who are your counselors?

Counselors are licensed, accredited, and experienced professionals such as PhD / PsyD, family therapists, and social workers. They possess a Masters or doctoral degree and are certified for their practice.

Who will aid me?

Once you sign up, a licensed counselor will be chosen as per your preferences, goals, and issues faced. Doing so ensures us that you get the most successful match.

How can I contact my counselor?

Well, there is more than one way to do so. You can exchange messages, chat live, talk over a call, and initiate a video conferencing session. The choice is totally yours!

How many counseling sessions are allowed?

Well, there is no limit to the number of sessions you can conduct with your counselor once you subscribe. The frequency of your sessions shall differ as per the availability of both parties.

Other Questions

Can I stop my subscription?

Yes! Canceling the current subscription plan or changing it to some other plan is something that you can easily do online. Just log in to your account for the same.

Is it possible to remain anonymous?

Yes! At the time of signing up, there is no need to submit your full name or all contact details. You can select any nickname and our system will recognize you.

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