A newly added model of electric scooters, hoverboard is the best innovation for the transport and toy industry. Earlier, it was introduced as just a toy for adults but now it is widely used by everyone in their daily life. The Swegway is a little bit different from regular hoverboards as they have bigger wheels and self-balancing feature. Thus, they provide good support to the users and also they are also very easy to use.

In order to use these hoverboards, you need to be patient as it takes time to master them. They also have various amazing features in them. Features like Bluetooth connectivity and speakers have given it a good reputation in the market. Here are a few more fascinating features you can get in these hoverboards:

Application Control – These hoverboards have the feature of smartphone connectivity with its application. Users have to install the respective application in their smartphone and connect their hoverboard to it. This will enable them to control their hoverboard remotely and perform functions like changing the color of LEDs, moving the hoverboards with the Smartphone, checking the speed, run diagnostics, etc. The application control has made it very easy to use for people as with this they can customize different settings as per their convenience.

Lock and Security – A recently added feature in these hoverboards is their upgraded security system. They have the feature of Anti-Theft which is controlled by the application on your smartphone. It works more like Find My Device on your smartphone, more precisely when you are away from your hoverboard and if it is moved or switched on then you will get a notification. In that case, you can lock your hoverboard from your connected smartphone or you can also trigger the alarm. This security feature is a great help for the people who use it on a regular basis because this is something that everyone wants and people can possibly steal it in your absence. Thus, you can safeguard it with this innovative feature.

All terrain – This advanced hoverboard is compatible with different kinds of terrains. Earlier, the hoverboards were only used on concrete pathways but now you can use it anywhere i.e. on grass, sand, soil, etc. Its ‘All-terrain Mode’ lets you enjoy your ride with the self-balancing feature. It has been engineered to overcome obstacles and maintaining stability at the same time. The big wheels and broader foot bar have also made it easy for you to ride down the steep slopes without losing your balance. 

Lightweight – Most of the people might confuse it as the heavy version of the hoverboard because it has a bigger structure but actually it is very light in weight. It is made up of carbon fibers which are not only very light but also very durable. The other components of its body are made up of titanium alloy and Magnesium alloy. The compact body of these hoverboards will not be more than 30lbs making it easier for you to take it with you on your vacations.