A sleek and modern layout of a condominium can easily draw anyone’s attention in the first look but you should always check the condo thoroughly before buying it. If you are considering buying a condo then you can register yourself for Avenue South Residence Showflat visit. However, before you finalize any of the condos, make sure that you have covered all the important points which will ensure that you are investing your money at the right place.

These are a few important things that are ought to be checked while your Avenue South Residence showflat visit:

The source of air conditioning and heating – You should check that if your condo has an HVAC or PTAC unit. However, most of the modern constructed residential properties are now built on HVAC which is considered for better heating and cooling for any kind of housing.

You should also check things like if the unit is working properly or is it making noise because an improper unit can create so many problems and you might have to bear great expenses. It would be better to buy a condo with a centralized air conditioning system but also there should be a proper unit for ventilation in the closed areas.

The condo should be soundproof – A common mistake made by people when during their showflat visit is that they forget to check if their condo is soundproof or not. You can ask your builder or broker about the construction details for soundproofing that particular condo.

However, if you are visiting a half build or empty condo then it might be difficult to check it by yourself then, in that case, you can send your mate to the upper floor and ask them to tap feet on the floor. If you are unable to hear the tapping voice then your flat will be a comfortable place to live even if you have disturbing neighbors above you. Not just the ceiling, do same with the walls to ensure that your loud music or late night parties won’t disturb the neighbors.

Feedbacks of the residents – If you are going to buy a condominium at such a place where people are already living then you can check the online reviews of those customers that how far they have felt living in one those condos. Also, you can take the permission of the builders or condo association to personally meet the residents of your building during the evening while they are in the park or gym. By this, you can also get a look at the public amenities provided by the association and also get the genuine feedback of the residents.

When you meet the residents ask them about the hygienic environment in the whole township and how good are the security services of the condos. Also, ask the owners of the condos if they face a lot of structural damages and how fast and efficiently they are fixed by the association. If half of the township is still under construction then ask them if they hear a lot of mechanical or constructional noises. So, based on such kind of conversation, you can easily decide if that Avenue South Residence is good to invest money in.