At present, the working class of Singapore has an opportunity to invest in a great condominium project which has been undertaken by prestigious Sing Hai Yi. The Parc Clematis condominiums are situated in District 5 beside Jalan Lempeng. The project has a large area space, near about 633,644 square feet and will include a total of 1500 condominiums.

Would it be wise to invest in Parc Clematis Project?

Various accommodation options

In this project, you will be able to choose from a wide range of Parc Clematis floor plan. Professionals have designed the condominiums with luxury fittings and fixtures which will make your place look trendy and comfortable. Moreover, you will also get huge parking lot space thus you and your guests can park their vehicles in an efficient manner.

Great deal of connectivity

Prestigious Sing Hai Yi has developed the Parc Clematis beside Ayer Rajah Expressway; you can also acquire the facility of West Cost and Pan Islan highway if you prefer road trips. Thus, you can visit various places in Singapore in an efficient manner. Moreover, you can also get access to East-West and Clementi MRTs as they are only a few blocks away from the condominium project. One can also roam around the Clementi region as you can also find various other MRT stations of Buona Vista, Ken Ridge, One North, etc.

Premium facilities for kids

The condominium facility also has a lot of premium schools and colleges in proximity viz. NUS high school and Nan Hua primary school. Thus, you don’t have to send your child far away on a daily basis and your child will receive an excellent learning environment.

Moreover, your child can also acquire the facility of Clementi Public Library. There they will be able to get excellent books written by some of the renowned writers from around the world. You can also take your kids to Clementi Mall where they will get a chance to play various board and indoor games. One can also visit the Lee Kong Chian museum and can make his or her child aware of the rich culture and history of the country.

Recreational parks

When you buy a condominium at Parc Clematis then you can also get access to various parks viz. West Coast, Hort as well as Ken Ridge parks. You can visit these parks after daily work or can also do early morning exercise regime in them. These parks are also suited for picnics where you can spend your day in natural tranquility with your family members.

Various other facilities

You can also visit various chic restaurants and café bars with your friends and family members which are closer to the Parc Clematis project site. Some of the restaurants also provide dishes which are children friendly and offer you a lot of quality time. You can also visit NTUC supermarket which is open round the clock, thus you can easily purchase groceries for your place and can also window shop various products with your loved ones. The supermarket also has a food center where you can eat ethnic and exotic dishes cooked by some of the best chefs.